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PROMMATA is a non-profit making association, created in 1991 by French small farmers, convinced that modern draft animal powered agriculture is a good tool to develop and support peasant farming, and revitalize rural territories.
Indeed, we think that modern draft animal power is necessary to reach an intelligent and sustainable agricultural development in Europe and elsewhere because it allows, as you will find out in this website, to :

  • Create a productive, competitive and environmental friendly system centered on people
  • Limit the use of credits for farmers installations
  • Give the possibility to live well cultivating small areas, or areas with strong natural handicap
  • Achieve energy autonomy by not relying on fossil fuels
  • Implement innovating agricultural techniques, state of the art of organic agriculture like no plowing, raised beds, mechanized zai...
  • Produce food without polluting (CO2, fuels, oils, plastic mulching)
  • Have diverse food production, adapted to direct selling (CSA)
  • Give back a place in our farm to draf animals : donkeys, mules, horses and oxen

You are also going to discover the most spread in the world modern draft animal tool-holder : the KASSINE ! Developed by French farmers, always evolving, several time awarded, it already seduced more that 600 users in Europe and thousands in the world. And we’re not the only one producing it : several autonomous workshops have been open around the world, to who we gave for free our plans and production rights. This is the PROMMATA spirit for agriculture, but also for tomorrow society with free human beens integrated to their environment !

To achieve this objectives, PROMMATA is acting in three main fields :

Here are a few pictures and videos, to give you a foretaste of what you can find on the website. So good surf !!! And if you’ve been convinced, don’t hesitate to back up this initiative joining the association, talking about it around you, or donating by doing click on the leave icon on the bottom right hand side corner.

Le Kanol avec un timon, en traction rigide

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